eModule® avoids problems with the downloading, installation and configuration of client modules. Works as a shell for new modules that have been assigned to the customer. Allows to assign a particular module to a client and prepared its configuration for each client in advance. For example a banking app can have a payroll module preconfigured for a client.

eModule® will let you:

  • Reduce time and efforts in installing each client banking application according to his needs.

  • Transfer secured information between your clients and your bank server.

  • Automate module updating.

  • Your customers can work offline to use the banking application saving them connection time and slow web applications.

  • Allow yourInformation Technology Staff to create new modules by themselves.

eModule® is divided in two parts:

  • Server to define, assign and configure the modules for the customer to load in their clients.

  • Client for customer to login, download and use their preconfigured modules

eModule® has been developed using the Java Programming Language, offering the following advantages:

  • Operating system independent: It can be installed in Windows, Mac O/S, Unix, Linux, etc.

  • Intranet/Internet Ready: To run in any browser with a Java's Core and/or the Java Plug-In. (Example. Chrome, FireFox, etc.).

  • Latest technology for Network Solutions.